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August Beauty Bootcamp Bundle – 50% OFF CoolSculpting and 35% OFF Emsella!

Published on August 21, 2023

We understand the endless hours of grueling workouts, the strenuous diet regimens, and the frustration when stubborn fat simply refuses to budge. Or maybe you’re one of the many individuals struggling with the daily inconveniences and embarrassment of urinary incontinence. It’s time to put these battles behind you! This August, we’re offering powerful solutions to both these issues with our new offers on CoolSculpting and Emsella. 

Freeze the Fat Away with CoolSculpting – Up to 50% OFF. 


Ever dreamt of rocking that perfect, sculpted body but the price tag attached to it made you think twice? It’s time to reconsider because we’ve got some cool, no, make that ‘CoolSculpting’ offers that will have you pinching yourself! 

Beauty Bootcamp Bundle – A $3,500 Savings!

  • 50% OFF 6 or More Cycles of CoolSculpting
  • One FREE Emsculpt or Emsella Treatment
  • Plus 3 Vitamin Shots


Need CoolSculpting alone? These offers are for you.  


  • Buy 4 Treatments and Receive 25% OFF.
  • Buy 6 Treatments and Receive 35% OFF.
  • Buy 8 or More Treatments and Receive 50% OFF.


Give the cold shoulder to those bullheaded pockets of fat that remain unmoved, despite your best dieting and workout efforts. CoolSculpting is your ace in the hole, targeting multiple areas of your body from your chin, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, and thighs, to your buttocks, and even calves.


Remember though, CoolSculpting isn’t a golden ticket to weight loss but it works really well in getting rid of fat pockets. The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is someone who is already in their ideal body weight but finds themselves grappling with stubborn, pinchable fat that just refuses to buzz off, even with rigorous diet and exercise. 


Beat Incontinence with Emsella – Up to 35% OFF. 

You’re laughing heartily with your friends, or just doing your regular workout, and suddenly – uh oh, that’s not good. Yes, we’re talking about urinary incontinence, the uninvited guest that pops up when you least expect it.


But you’re not alone and you’re not out of options either! Emsella is your new best friend in your battle against this all-too-common nuisance. Emsella is designed to combat urinary incontinence, empowering you to laugh without fear and exercise without worry. 


By utilizing high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, Emsella can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, akin to doing about 11,000 Kegel exercises in just 30 minutes – and you don’t even need to break a sweat!


No more embarrassing moments, no more constant fear. Just sit back (fully clothed), relax, and let Emsella do the work. Embrace a worry-free life and regain your confidence with Emsella. 


Say “Emsell-yeah” to a life lived fully! 

  • Buy 4+ Treatments and Receive 25% OFF.
  • Buy  6 + Treatments and Receive 35% OFF.


Call us or visit our clinic to book your appointment. We serve customers all over Boston and surrounding areas including Acton, Burlington, Braintree, Danvers, Marlborough, and more.


*This promotion is valid through 8/31/23.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer.

*Restrictions apply.

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